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Walking and Cycling Routes

Yellow trail

This three-quarter of a mile circular trail, sometimes referred to as the Short Trail, offers you great views across the grazing marshes. Allow 30 minutes. At the Sweeney viewpoint and Gordon’s hide, look for weasels and stoats hunting in the grass, or spot green woodpeckers and linnets. Dogs are allowed on the Saxon Shore Way, but are not permitted elsewhere on the reserve. Please remember this is a working farm, with occasional vehicles on some trails and livestock in the fields and orchard.

Heronry trail

At about two miles each way, this linear trail takes you past the Sweeney viewpoint and Gordon’s hide to a viewpoint at the edge of the wood. Allow 60 minutes to the Heronry viewpoint and return. This trail is not accessible to wheelchairs, and there is a stile to cross.

Woodland trail

This 2.3 mile circular trail takes you up into the woodland. Allow 1.5 hours. Catch your breath at the woodland viewpoint. This trail is inaccessible to wheelchairs. There are benches at irregular intervals.