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Cooling Village Road Safety Improvement Proposal

  • Look at getting the SLOW signage on the road surface in the vicinity of Cooling   Castle renewed as it is quite worn.
  • Look at getting SLOW signage and series of bends signage on the road surface on the approaches to the series of bends by the Church. In first instance, use existing poles to minimise impact on the village.
  • Check series of bends on the western side of the village towards Cliffe for any improvements we can do there.
  • Look at Road Narrows signage on approach to the bridge by entrance to site x.
  • Look at getting centre hazard markings being renewed in the village.
  • Speak to Highways Department about condition of road surface to see if they can do remedial works.
  • Speak to Cooling Castle Barn with regard to their overgrown trees.
  • Speak to person who cares for the small triangle at The Landway to attend to the matter of the overgrown tree.
  • Speak to Kent Police regarding traffic diverted particularlly HGV when forced through Cooling when incident or bad weather occurs on A228.



Wednesday 30th September 2015 7.30pm


  1. Members Present & Apologies:

Councillor Boyle (Chair), Councillor Grove, Councillor Dibella

One Member of Public (Sheila Hughes – Village Hall Representative)

Apologies received from Councillors Atkinson & Crow.

       2, Code of Conduct: Declaration of Members Interests & Members Register of Interest (Personal or Prejudicial):

            Nothing declared.

  1. To Agree Record of the Meeting 13th May 2015: Matters Arising:

            Risk Assessment ratification deferred until the next meeting as Councillor Atkinson was unable to attend to confirm updates.  Record agreed. Councillor Grove proposed, Seconded Councillor Dibella.

  1. Finance:

Balances (prior to below cheque signing):

  1.  Current Account: £5709.72, Deposit (Election) Account: £3005.92
  2.  Cheque Payments:  £30 Petty Cash (cheque no. 505), £100 Clerk’s office    expenses (20 weeks, cheque no. 506).
  3. A cheque for £625 (cheque no. 507) was made out to ‘Cooling Parish Hall’ in respect of maintenance/redecoration work carried out by Gary Carrodus.
  4. The Chair gave a brief report on the result of the Audit. The Parish Council had received a clean bill health and notices had been placed directing any interested party to where relevant documentation can be viewed for a specific time period. If Member of Public requires a copy of the report a charge of £5 will be applicable.


         5. Report on Meeting with Medway Council Traffic Management Department 5/8/2015:

Councillor’s Boyle & Dibella had met with Colin Green, Principal Engineer, Traffic Management from Medway Council with regard to various road safety issues in the Village. As a result of this meeting several proposals had been highlighted (see attached sheet), the progress of which would now be monitored.

  1. Current Status Of Website:

The website is fully functioning.  The web address is www.coolingparishcouncil.org The Clerk suggested the email address that came with the website is activated so whoever took over from her could use it.  The Clerk would contact the Webmaster to facilitate this.

  1. Appointment of Replacement Clerk:

The Chair stated that the current Clerk had previously stated her intention to stand down from the position due to a family commitment & had now expressed a need for a closing date. He suggested this could be from today’s meeting with a view to handing over at the next.  A new Clerk, Melanie Wright, had been identified and wished to take over the Clerk’s position. Mrs Wright had also shown an interest in attending courses relevant to the Clerks position which had been highlighted by the Kent Association of Local Councils. The content of these courses would not only be beneficial to the Clerk in but in turn, would be helpful to the Parish Council. As such it had been suggested the cost of the courses (initially three modular ones at £72 per module) be met by CPC.  Appointment proposed by Councillor Grove, seconded by Councillor Dibella.  Course finance proposed by Councillor Dibella, seconded by Councillor Grove.

The Chair wished to record a vote of thanks for the outgoing Clerk’s service.

  1. Any Other Business:

Sheila Hughes, Parish Hall representative, thanked the Parish Council for the £625 towards the Hall’s maintenance/redecoration. She explained further finance was needed for three new indoor tables costing about £120 each which were needed to replace some that were deteriorating beyond repair.  Financial assistance for these tables proposed by Councillor Dibella, Seconded by Councillor Grove.

Councillor Boyle had received a letter from Cooling Castle Barn which enclosed a cheque for £300 in respect of Messer’s Holland & Long allowing the Barn to use the field for parking for the Barn’s Open Day. They generously requested the fee be donated to the Village Hall. Councillor Boyle passed the cheque to Mrs Hughes who stated she would send a letter of thanks.

Councillor Boyle stated he had received a suggestion the Council might look at providing a bicycle rack outside the Village Hall. It is noticeable how there has been an increase of cyclists through the Village, some of whom stop to use the toilets or the recreation facilities at the Park and as such, a place to stand bicycles might be welcome.  It was agreed he would do some research into cost and what sort of thing could be provided.

There being no other business the meeting ended at 20.10pm.



Wednesday 13th May 2015 7.30PM

  1. Members Present & Apologies; Welcome New Members:

        Councillors’ Boyle (Chair), Grove, Crow, Dibella & Atkinson present. Two Members of Public present. Councillor Boyle welcomed Councillor Dibella.

  1. Code of Conduct: Declaration of Members Interests & Members Register of Interest (Personal or Prejudicial):

         Nothing declared.

  1. To Agree Record of the Meeting 15th April 2015: Matters Arising:

Record of previous meeting agreed. Councillor Atkinson proposed. Councillor Grove seconded.  No matters arising.

  1. Finance:
  2. Appointment of Responsible Finance Officer:  Following discussion it was agreed the Clerk would continue in the role for the time being.
  3. Complete & Sign Up New Signatories for Bank Accounts: A third signatory was required for the Bank Accounts. It was agreed Councillor Dibella would fulfil this role. Proposed by Councillor Atkinson, seconded by Councillor Grove.

Bank Balances: Current Account - £6421.01, Deposit (Election) Account - £3005.42.

Cheques signed: Susan Burrin (Internal Audit) £70 (cheque no. 501), D.Hughes (Clerk’s Office Heat & Light x four weeks) £20 (cheque no. 502), AON (Insurance Renewal) £331.21 (cheque no. 503).

  1. Ratify Risk Assessment:

        An amendment to the Risk Assessment was required regarding the Website.  Councillor Atkinson will deal. Ratification deferred until the next meeting.

  1. Medway Council Village Infrastructure Audit:

         Councillor Boyle had received a copy of the above & explained it was an audit of what facilities the Village has. Councillor Boyle then completed the Audit with the assistance of the Councillors present.  An addendum was added under the ‘Transport’ section regarding the size of commercial vehicles travelling through the Village              and the damage they caused to the verges. Congestion and traffic load during closure of the main Peninsula road due to Road Traffic Collisions, poor weather etc alongside the lack of a footpath were also highlighted.

  1. Correspondence:

         Councillor Boyle had received an application for financial support from the Village Hall Committee & invited Sheila Hughes, Village Hall Representative, who was present at the meeting to explain what the support was required for. She explained following rain leakage the ceiling in the lobby needed replacing & following                        damage during high winds, emergency repairs had been made to the Village Hall facia. Painting maintenance was also needed in the Play Park. Gary Carrodus has quoted for all of the work, an amount that totalled £625. A1 Roofing Services had repaired the facia, the cost of which was £290. Councillors agreed to support the                request. Councillor Crow proposed, Councillor Grove seconded. Cheque no. 504 for £290 payable to A1 Roofing Services was raised and signed due to prompt payment being required.

  1. Any Other Business:

        The Clerk distributed Code of Conduct forms to all Councillors which were completed and signed at the meeting. Code of Conduct reading material was given to Councillor Dibella.  Councillor Dibella spoke about expanding the Website.

        There being no other business the meeting concluded at 8.20pm.