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Dear Parents/Caregivers

To celebrate HM Queen Elizabeth II 90th birthday year, the parish council has purchased a number of commemorative medals produced exclusively for schools and councils. 

The 32mm solid gilding medal is presented in a bespoke royal blue gold embossed card surround within a protective perspex case.

The medals are available to all children aged 16 years and below, in Cooling and Spendiff only. To enable the parish council to distribute the medals, please call in at the Horseshoe & Castle pub with your address, child/children’s names and date of birth.


Election of Parish Councillors

for the areas of

Cooling Parish

Results of Uncontested Election

I, the undersigned , being the returning officer, do hereby certifythat at the election of Parish Councillors for the above mentioned Parish, the following persons stood validly nominated at the latest time for delivery of notices of withdrawalof candidature, namely 4pm on Thursday, 9th April2015 and have been duly elected ParishCouncillors for the said Parish without consent.

Name of Person Persons Elected Home Address
Atkinson Darren John
Great Expectations, 2 Pips View, Main Road, Cooling, Kent ME3 8DH
Boyle Kevin Andrew Edward The Horseshoe and Castle, Main Road, Cooling, Kent ME3 8DJ
Crow Matthew William Perry Dene, Main Road, Cooling, Kent, ME3 8DJ
Dibella Nicola Louise Havisham House, Main Road, Cooling Kent, ME3 8DH
Grove Roger Martin Fezziwig Cottage, Main Road, Cooling Kent, ME3 8DH

Neil Davies

Returning Officer

Friday 10th April 2015

Medway Council

Gun Wharf

Dock Road